Meet the artist



Joseline  Tinka : mother, wife and the lady behind the amazing fruit sculptures.


People often ask me " how  and when did you start doing fruit art" my honest answer is, I started from nowhere, I just believe it is a gift that was always there in me and was waiting for this one importuned moment to show up. I started with a simple watermelon fruit basket, which I made as an afternoon snack for my family, the reaction from my kids and husband  when they saw what I had done with the watermelon, was  the tip for me . Since then, I have been training myself to get better at this skill.

I believe we all have something special inside of us, we  just have to dig deep and we will find it.

Making fruit sculptures makes me happy ,however seeing other people happy and amazed by these beautiful works of art makes me happier.

Jo fruit sculptures is about creating amazing fruit sculptures and fruit displays  from the ordinary fruit. simply fresh fruity and beautiful.

We  provide a variety of fruit and you can be sure to get all the different types of nutrients you need  in one serving.